Our Services

Fund Management

Guardians developed a professional and efficient research platform with a rigorous investment decision-making system; supported by an investment management team composed of senior and capable professionals in helping clients to maximize their potential returns. The funds that we manage covered in different asset classes:

Real Estate
Fixed Income
Hedge Fund
Discretionary Account Service

A tailor-made investment portfolio service to allocate clients’ asset into different markets. The investment strategies are completely personalized and based on investors’ risk profiles and appetites to maximize the returns with right balance of risk control under different markets movement.

Wealth Management – EAM

External Asset Manage, also called Independent Asset Manager, in order to provide enhanced service to high-end client, the concept was originated from Switzerland and Luxemburg and emerged in 1990.

Structure of EAM is a tripartite relationship:

  • Clients authorize EAM to manage their certain investment portfolio and assets

  • EAM connects with Private Bank, making the optimal investment choices, advices and solutions for clients without conflict of interest.

  • Clients ‘assets will be custodied by Private bank for security